Cornèrcard Trophy 2011: Club-Ranking Brutto

Moossee Scores für Clubs Meisterschaften

Players Score
3dce070512675aae651361b5eea97787 Alan Zafra 315
E47121b1f7ba02c18123881249ce856b Esther Kälin 114
User-noimage-thumb-m Jerry Bolger 43
User-noimage-thumb-f Constance Fischer Martin 34
User-noimage-thumb-f Brigitte Zafra 31
User-noimage-thumb-m Patrick Meyer 29
User-noimage-thumb-m Beat Mathys 26
User-noimage-thumb-m Georg Büttner 25
Fa5a47b039e2d150731e5f41f82a053b Adrian Gerber 24
User-noimage-thumb-m Florian Thurler 24
User-noimage-thumb-f Renate Stooss binggeli 23
User-noimage-thumb-f Arlette Tschannen 20
User-noimage-thumb-m Philippe Buchter 20
User-noimage-thumb-m Kai Heule 20
User-noimage-thumb-m Reto Brunner 19
User-noimage-thumb-m Markus Witschi 19
User-noimage-thumb-m Marilou Bohren 18
User-noimage-thumb-m Andreas Krattiger 18
User-noimage-thumb-f Brigitte Winkelmann 18
User-noimage-thumb-m Sam Streiff 17
8ba565395a63a5a12526a7c825422275 Lukas Eggenschwiler 17
User-noimage-thumb-m Damian Eggel 17
User-noimage-thumb-m Heinrich Bärtschi 16
User-noimage-thumb-m Jürg Hofer 16
User-noimage-thumb-m Andreas Diemant 16
User-noimage-thumb-m Hans-Ulrich Brünisholz 16
User-noimage-thumb-m Andreas Büchi 16
User-noimage-thumb-m Martin Läderach 15
User-noimage-thumb-f Martin Bohren 14
User-noimage-thumb-m Ralph Binggeli 14
User-noimage-thumb-m Markus Lergier 13
User-noimage-thumb-m Thomas Orsanic 13
User-noimage-thumb-m Philip Roniger 11
User-noimage-thumb-m Yves Jungi 11
User-noimage-thumb-f Verena Krieg 10
User-noimage-thumb-m Jürg Luginbühl 9
User-noimage-thumb-f Agnes Rufener 9
User-noimage-thumb-m Christoph Burri 9
User-noimage-thumb-f Ulrike Scholl 9
User-noimage-thumb-f Petra Ammann 6
User-noimage-thumb-m Alexander Nies 5
User-noimage-thumb-m Carlo Nies 3

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